Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"M-Cat is not amused."
Today, M BEASTED the orthodontist appointment, needed to be reminded a handful of times to bring in the garbage receptacles, brought home the best report card I've ever seen in my life, and requested that I remove the offending three pieces of zucchini from his plate with tweezers so he wouldn't have to see it while he hovered down his mac and cheese.

I'll call it a win.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring, fully formed.
I suppose you could say that my kids are a little like Athena, having sprung into my life fully formed, if not fully armed or from my forehead. Still, I see myself in them. Our son's dorky sense of humor and his love for "the groaners" my Dad and I like to tell. Our daughter's love of dancing whenever we're somewhere music happens to play.

When I look at them, what I see most clearly are the parts of them that come directly from their mom--girlchild has her hands and smile, boychild has her eyes and mannerisms. But when I think of them and try to talk about who they are, the edges blur around where they picked up what mannerism or turn of phrase, why they love what they love.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

So, this happened.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

An Open Letter to That Guy

Dear Hipster Cashier,

Here you are in Seattle, with your job and your facial hair and your rakish hat, chatting our ears off while ringing up our groceries. It took a very long time--so long, in fact, that one of us mentioned that we'd moved out here from Michigan. It was then that your bespectacled little face lit up like a damn Christmas tree.

"Michigan? I LOVE MICHIGAN!"

"Oh, yeah?"

"Why would you EVER leave MICHIGAN?"

"Oh, I don't know. We're big gay lesbian women who believe in abortion access. All kinds of reasons to leave. Plus, she was born here (pointing to my wife)."

"Where did you live?"

"Ypsilanti, right next to Ann Arbor."

"AWESOME. You know, my favorite town in the WORLD is in Michigan. Now, you can't laugh. People laugh! But it's FLINT. I LOVE Flint. It's so...gritty and REAL. I was visiting a buddy of mine in Detroit and he was like, 'You've got to see this, you'll love it!' and my all-time favorite band is from there and they only did a small release of their first album but I'd heard that you can still get it at some of the stores in Flint and so these guys picked us up in this old beater station wagon? And they were going, like, FORTY while it was SNOWING and I was all, 'Whoa, man!' and they were like 'This is what we DO in Flint. It's real, man.'"

And you know, Hipster Cashier, it's NOT awesome in Flint. What you call "gritty" the people who live there call life. It's not life lived for your entertainment and street cred, it's life lived with few jobs, little money and a lot of violence. It's what life looks like when the companies around which your city grew up pull out and nothing shows up to fill their spaces. It's life with little hope and it's what you do when you live there.

You'll forgive me when I intentionally avoid your line in the future, because you're slow, and you're an asshole.

No love,


Monday, April 07, 2014

Is it a comeback?
It's been a really long time since I've had interest in blogging here, but it seems things are coming around, again (nods to Carly Simon).

Since we last spoke, I've moved to Seattle with my wife and our kids (same wife, same kids, in case you're wondering). The kitten who was in my most recent profile photo has died (she became critically anemic and there was nothing to be done, and she'd not had her first birthday); Mason and Kissa are alive and well.

Wife and kids are all happy and well--M is in 6th grade and loves math and computer games, S is in second grade and loves dressing in her very own style and doing elaborate projects--her current one is setting up a fairy house with furniture she's making. I think there might be a helipad sort of deal on a rock in the backyard soon.

As for me, you'll never guess. Not in a MILLION YEARS. I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom.

No one is more surprised by this than me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MMMMMmm, berries
I whined a little on Saturday about the fact that I apparently missed the strawberries entirely this year. But our share didn't let me down and we split the quart with our farm-share friends. Last night for dinner, we had hamburgers with herbs and scapes (frozen from last week's share).

On Monday, I made catalan-style spinach with a Michigan twist: Lightly toasted pine nuts, garlic and dried cherries in a bit of oil until the cherries plumped out, then washed spinach wilted in the pan. Our son totally dug how much the greens shrunk in cooking and both kids tried the dish (which, frankly, shocked me). We ate that with meatballs and home-made cornbread.

Tonight, M works late so I'll make breakfast for dinner. We've now got a guy who comes to the house every other Saturday with fresh eggs and butter, so tonight will be scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. When M's home, I'll make her an omlette with herbs from the share. She usually does the cooking, but I like to make her at least a snack after she's been away all day. We've also gotten into yogurt-based smoothies of late, so I'll probably make those for everyone, too, possibly including a bit of the mint from this week's share.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

More CSA fabulosity
We got our second week's share yesterday and I realized that I didn't post as we closed out last week. I think the only thing of note was that we used the garlic scapes in stir-fry and as a garnish on scrambled eggs.

This week, we have more scapes, a bit of kale, lettuces, turnips, radishes, strawberries. We supplemented with two quarts of cherries, some basil and apples. M made pesto from the scapes today (three meals worth, frozen) and I think this evening we'll have salad and mixed-berry shortcake. We also hit a bulk foods store and picked up some grains and assorted other stuff.